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The Institute aims to undertake theoretical and practical research to provide Vietnam's leaders policy makers and planners at all levels with scientific arguments in the development of laws and policies on the family, women and gender equality. The Institute is also reliable consultant for organizations bodies in related to family, women, and gender studies.



1. Designing and implementing scientific projects including both theoretical and empirical studies on the matter of family, women and gender;

2. Coordinating research activities and education in the fields of family, women and gender studies, engaging in post-graduate training programs, involving in development of well-trained human resource according to the requirement of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and Government bodies;

3. Conducting scientifically assessment of socio-economic programs and projects in the fields of family, women and gender studies;

4. Giving consultations for organizations and bodies interested in and related to family, women and gender issues;

5. Cooperating with other research organizations, institutes, and universities at home and abroad on the matter of family, women and gender;

6. Disseminating scientific knowledge of family, women and gender through IFGS's information channels; building network of information, documentation, library and necessary technical infrastructure for its studies on family, women and gender as a leading research center in the country in the fields of family, women and gender studies.

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