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Books on Gender at Library of IFGS

TT Tên tài liệu Tác giả Năm xuất bản
1 Poverty, Gender, and Youth : Teacher Absence as a Factor in Gender Inequalities in Access to Primary Schooling in Rural Pakistan Sharon Ghuman, Cynthia B. Lloyd 2007
2 Vietnam : Country Gender Assessment: December 2006 2006
3 Gender Differences in Attitudes and Behaviors Relating to Sexual Relations : SAVY Gender Report Vu Manh Loi 2006
4 Gender Mainstreaming Workshop Facilitation Manual in National Policy Formulation and Implementation National Committee for the Advancement of Women in Vietnam 2004
5 The Gendered Society Reader Edited: Michael S. Kimmel, Amy Aronson 2004
6 Ethnic Minorities and Gender Issues in Agricultural Extension : Part 2 of Agricultural Extension Services for the Poor Series Hoang Xuan Thanh, Le Thi Quy, Ngo Van Hai 2004
7 Gender Mainstreaming Workshop Facilitation Manual in National Policy Formulation and Implementation : Vie 01 - 015 - 01 Project "Gender in Public Policy" National Committee for the Advancement of Women in Vietnam 2004
8 Gender in the Plastics Sub - Sector : An Analysis of the Position of Women Workers and Entrepreneurs in Plastic SMEs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Gilles, Nguyễn Phương Thảo 2003
9 Gender Responsive Technology for Poverty Alleviation in Thailand 2003
10 Lone Parent Families : Gender, Class and State Son Karen Rowling, Stephen McKay 2002
11 Sex and Gender 2002
12 Gender R.W. Connell 2002
13 Gender: A Sociological Reader 2002
14 Gender Mainstreaming for Invisibility or Women's Empowerment? : A Report of WIDE's Annual Conference 2001 Edited by Brigitte Holzner ... [et al.] 2002
15 Gender, Women's Empowerment and Reproductive Health in 4 Vietnamese Communities : Impact of Cairo POA Hoàng Tú Anh ... [et al.] 2002
16 Gender Briefing Kit Jordan D.Ryan 2002
17 The Baseline Study on Gender-based Violence conducted at Health Facilities and Communes in Gia Lam District, Hanoi Lê Thị Phương Mai, Lê Ngọc Lân 2002
18 Gender and Socio-Cultural Issues in the SFNC Project Area Khuất Thu Hồng và cộng sự 2002
19 Enhancing Capacity to Engender Research of Sustainable Development : Vietnam 1999-2001: Research Reports Huguette Dagenais 2002
20 Gender Differences in the Transitional Economy of Viet Nam 2002
21 Expert Meeting on Gender and HIV/AIDS : July 24 - 26, 2001 Tokyo, Japan 2002
22 Gender and Social Life Roberta Satow, editor 2001
23 Gender, Power and Organization : An Introduction Susan Halford and Pauline Leonard 2001
24 Gender and Health Equity Network : Gender and Health Equity Resource Guide Elaine Baume, Mercedes Juarez, Hilary Standing 2001
25 The Meaning of Difference : American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, and Sexual Orientation: A Text/Reader Karen E. Rosenblum; Toni-Michelle Travis 2000
26 Women and Gender : A Feminist Psychology Mary Crawford; Rhoda Unger 2000
27 Gendered Policies in Europe : Reconciling Employment and Family Life Linda Hantrais 2000
28 Representation of Gender from Prehistory to the Present Edited by Moira Donald; Linda Hurcombe 2000
29 Configuring Gender : Explorations in Theory and Politics Barbara L. Marshall 2000
30 Women and Doi Moi in Vietnam Trần Thị Vân Anh, Lê Ngọc Hùng 2000
31 Reconstructing Gender : A Multicultural Anthology Estelle Disch 2000
32 Expanding Horizons : Changing Gender Roles in Vietnam: A Report on the Audience Research Analysis and the Media Campaign for Gender Barbara A.K. Franklin 2000
33 Gender, HIV and Human Rights : A Training Manual 2000
34 Gender Specific Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Vietnam Nguyễn Hoàng Long 2000
35 Advertising and Consumer Citizenship : Gender, Images and Rights Anne M. Cronin 2000
36 Engendering Development : Through Gender Equality in Rights, Resources, and Voice 2000
37 Situations Analysis and Policy Recommendations to Promote the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality in Vietnam 2000
38 Vietnam through the Lens of Gender : Five Years Later: Results from the Second Vietnam Living Standards Survey Jaikishan Desai 2000
39 Situation Analysis and Policy Recommendations to Promote the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality in Viet Nam Prepared by the Project VIE-96-011, implemented by the National Committee for the Advancement of Women 2000
40 The Politics of Gender after Socialism Susan Gal, Gail Kligman 2000
41 Deceptive Distinctions : Sex, Gender, and the Social Order Cynthia Fuchs Epstein 1999
42 Women's Information Services and Networks : Global Source Book: Gender, Society Development 1999
43 Gender and Power in the Workplace : Analysing the Impact of Economic Change Harriet Bradley 1999
44 Gender : Key Concepts in Critical Theory Carol C. Gould 1999
45 Occupational Segregation and the Gender Earnings Gap Joseph E. Zveglich 1999
46 Gender Mainstreaming in Development Planning : A Reference Manual for Governments and Other Stakeholders Viviene Taylor 1999
47 Gender Mainstreaming in Finance : A Reference Manual for Governments and Other Stakeholders Gita Sen 1999
48 Development of a Gender Strategy : Vietnam Provencal Water Supplies Project for Bac Ninh, Ha Tinh, Tra Vinh and Vinh Long Kinhill Acil Mwa 1999
49 Cao Bang - Bac Can Rural Development Project : Gender Studies on Tay Nung Ethnic Minorities in Cao Bang Đỗ Thị Bình 1999
50 Vietnamese Female Intellectuals Entering the National Industrialization and Modernization Process-Situation and Urgent Solutions to Promote their Potential in Gender Equality Perspectives 1999
51 Gender Analysis of UNICEF Young Child Nutrition Maternal Health Projects 1999
52 Promoting Gender Equality and Male Responsibility in Reproductive Health : Baseline Evaluation - Project VIE/97/P11 1999
53 Analysis and Assessment Gender Situation in Ministerial Department and Provincial Committee for Personal and Organization 1999
54 Gender - based violence: The case of Vietnam 1999
55 Changing gender relating in Vietnam's post Doimoi era 1999
56 A Swedish Save the Children report on rural Vietnamese girls' gender socialization 1999
57 Gender Autonomy in Western Europe : An Imprecise Revolution Rina Singh 1998
58 Gender, Education and Fertility Patterns in Vietnam : The Interrelationship Between Female Education Levels and Fertility Patterns in Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province Annelie Eskilsson 1998
59 Work Intensity, Gender and Well-being Cecile Jackson; Richard Palmer - Jones 1998
60 AIT/ILO Summary of Research on the Gender Impact of the Economic Crisis in East and South-East Asia Govind Kelkar, Mari Dsawa 1998
61 Gender, Women and Health: A Participatory Workshop: Preliminary Draft of Sociology Lectures Dawn H.Currie; Sara Wiesenberg; Trish Keays 1998
62 Project Document Workshop on Gender and Policy Related to Ethnic Minorities Women in Southern Vietnam 1998
63 The Women of Tuong Duong Stutions, Voices, Problems, and Solutions : A Gender Case Study Denise Lofman 1998
64 Education and Training Needs of Vietnamese Women in Small and Medium Enterprises : Gender, Enterprise and Learning Darunee Tantiwiramanond 1998
65 Overview of the Recent Forestry Land Use and Management Policies in Vietnam and Gender Impacts Bùi Thị Lan 1998
66 Gender Assessment Report of the Ngoc Lac District Natural Resource and Management Project No. SVR 016-700: "The Grass Cannot be Taller Than the Rice" Andrea Lee Esser 1998
67 Gender and Transition in China and Vietnam Elisabeth J. Goll 1998
68 Gender and Development in China : A Compendium of Gender and Development Projects Supported by International Donors Kerstin Leitner 1998
69 Women and Doi Moi in Vietnam Tran Van Anh, Le Ngoc Hung 1997
70 Working for Women ? Gendered Work and Welfare Policies in Twentieth-Century Britain Celia Briar 1997
71 The Women, Gender and Development Reader Edited by Nalini Visvanathan...[et al.] 1997
72 Gendered Lives : Communication, Gender, and Culture Julia T.Wood 1997
73 SIDA's Action Programme for Promoting Equality between Women and Men in Partner Countries : Action Plan 1997
74 Collective Villages in the Chinese Market : Gender Studies Monograph 5 Dev Nathan, Govind Kelkar 1997
75 Gender and Development : Australia's Aid Commitment 1997
76 Guide to Gender-Sensitive Indicator 1997
77 The Why and How of Gender-Sensitive Indicator : A Project Lever Handbook 1997
78 Gender Issues in Land Allocation : A Case Study in Lung Vai Commune - An Oxfam UK/Ireland Funded Project Muong Khuong District LaoCai Province 1997
79 Monitoring Achievement of Gender Equality : Workshop 1997
80 Gender Issues in the MRC-GTZ Sustainable Management of Resources in the Lower Mekong Basin Project Rita Gebert 1997
81 Gender Issues in the Social Forestry Development Project Song Da Findings and Recommendations Rita Gebert; Nguyên Thị Hăng 1997
82 Report in the Gender, Communication and Information Technology Seminar 1997
83 Gender Relations and the Family Welfare Through the Analysis of Results from Investigation Made in the Two Communes Cat Que (Ha Tay) and Duc Tu (Ha Noi) Lê Thi 1997
84 Women, Men and Economics : The Gender-differentiated Impact of Macroeconomics: With Special Reference to Asia and the Pacific Lorraine Corner 1996
85 Gender, Demographic Transition and the Economics of Family Size : Population Policy for a Human-centered Development Naila Kabeer 1996
86 Gender and Development Briefing Kit 1996
87 Gender, Environment and Development in Vietnam Diana Baxter 1996
88 Gender Issues in Poverty Alleviation : Recent Experiences with Demand-based Programs in Latin America and Eastern Europe Carol Graham 1996
89 Promoting Employment Among the Urban Poor in Latin America and the Caribbean : A Gender Analysis Mayra Buvinic 1996
90 Public Works Programmes: A Strategy for Poverty Alleviation : The Gender Dimension Amalita King Dejardin 1996
91 Savings and Loan Use Survey and Gender Impact Assessment of Uong Bi Savings and Credit Prgramme Natasha Pairaudeau 1996
92 Gender Impact Assessment : Uong Bi Savings and Credit Programme, Quang Ninh Province, Viet Nam Natasha Pairaudeau, Nguyễn Minh Thu 1996
93 Component Two of "Evaluating the Impact and Efficiency of Credit and Savings Programmes for Women in Vietnam" Ruijs Oldile 1996
94 Gender Analysis Training Kit. Part 1 : Training Sessions Trần Thị Vân Anh; Trần Thu Thủy; Jenny Clement 1996
95 Some Research on Gender, Family and Environment in Development 1996
96 Study on Gender Equality in Family 1996
97 Rural Women in the Red Delta : Gender, Water Management and Economic Transformation 1996
98 Vietnam's Public Investment Program 1996-2000 : A Gender Analysis . Ministry of Planning and Investment . H. . 1996 . 30 tr. . TLl 517 . Phân tích giới; Đầu tư công Melanic Beresford 1996
99 Some Research on Gender, Family and Environment in Development 1996
100 Country Gender Analysis Vietnam: Prepared for SNV-Netherlands Development Organization 1996
101 Gender and Change in Vietnam : An Analysis of Mainstreaming Experience: Report Presented to the United Nations Development Programme Alicia Mondesire 1996
102 Gender Integration into Policy-making Cycle : Workshop on Gender for Parliamentarians and Policy Maker II Trần Thị Vân Anh 1996
103 Race, Gender, and Class in Criminology : The Intersections Edited by Martin D. Schwartz; Dragan Milovanovic 1996
104 Vietnam through the Lens of Gender : An Empirical Analysis Using Household Survey Data Jaikishan Desai 1995
105 Gender Issues in World Bank Lending 1995
106 Human Development Report 1995 1995
107 What Makes Womem Sick: Gender and the Political Economic of Heath Lesley Doyal 1995
108 Gender, Crime and Feminism Edited by Ngaire Naffine 1995
109 Vietnam Through The Lens of Gender : Empirical Analysis Using Household Survey Data: The Abstract 1995
110 Women and Men in Natural Resource Management : Important Gender Issues in the Forestry Sector: The Working Group on Gender and Forestry Department of Social Anthropology 1995
111 Women, Men and Living Aquatic Resources : A Gender Perspective on Development of Coastal Areas: The Working Group on Gender and Fisheries Department of Social Anthropology 1995
112 From Vicious to Virtuous Circles : Gender and Micro-Enterprise Development Linda Mayoux 1995
113 The Politics of Integrating Gender to State Development Processes : Trends, Opportunities and Constraints in Bangladesh, Chile, Jamaica, Mali, Morocco and Uganda Anne Marie Goetz 1995
114 Setting the Stage for the Next Century : The Federal Plan for Gender Equality 1995
115 Gender Mainstreaming : A Study of Efforts by the UNDP, The World Bank and the ILO to Institutionalize Gender Issues Shahra Razavi; Carol Miller 1995
116 The Role of Gender and Human Resources in Socio-economic Development Strategy: Workshop 1995
117 From WID to GAD : Conceptual Shifts in the Women and Development Discourse Shahrashoub Razavi, Carol Miller 1995
118 Gender, Poverty and Sustainable Development Towards a Holistic Framework of Understanding and Action Aileen Kwa 1995
119 Engendering Development: Experience in Gender and Development Planning 1994
120 Gender, Economic Growth and Poverty : Market Growth and State Planning in Asia and Pacific Edited by Noeleen Heyzer, Gita Sen 1994
121 Reflections and Leanings : Gender Trainers Workshop Report of Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam, June 1993 Edited by Aruna Rao 1994
122 Gender, Health, and Sustainable Development : A Latin American Perspective: Proceedings of a Workshop held in Montevido, Uruguay 26-29 April, 1994 Edited by Pandu Wijeyaratne ... [et al.] 1994
123 The Strategic Silence : Gender and Economic Policy Edited by Isabella Bakker 1994
124 Gender Role : A Sociological Perspective Linda L. Lindsey; with a chapter by Sandra Chsistie 1994
125 Engendering China : Women, Culture and the State Edited by Christina K. Gilmartin ... [et al.] 1994
126 Putting Gender Issues on the Policy Agenda : Strategies and Action from Asia and the Pacific: Workshop Proceedings 1994
127 Family Planning and Reproductive Health : Briefing Sheets for a Gender Analysis Edited by Kirsten Moore; Debbie Rogow 1994
128 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Sustainable Development : A Tool for Gender-Informed Project Planning Pietronella van den Oever 1994
129 Gender and Household Dynamics : A Tool for Analyzing Income and Employment Data from Surveys: Based on the Cochabamba Rural Household Survey: Preliminary Findings Brochure Deborah Caro, James Riordan and Melissa Cable 1994
130 Gender Research Guider for the Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resource Sectors : A Tool for Selecting Methods Deborah Caro; Ame Stormer 1994
131 Country Gender Profiles : A Tool for Summarizing Policy Implications from Sex-Disaggregated Data John Jerome 1994
132 Gender and Policy Implementation : A Tool for Assessment of Policy-Derived Impacts on Men and Women Wesley Weidmann 1994
133 Quantifying Gender Issues : A Tool for Using Quantitative Data in Gender Analysis: A slide Presentation John Jerome 1994
134 Sex and Gender : What's the Difference? A Tool for Examining the Socio-cultural Context of Sex Differences John Jerome; Pietronella van den Oever 1994
135 Documenting Development Program Impact : A Tool for Reporting Differential Effects on Men and Women Patricia Martin 1994
136 Gender Assessment Study : A Guide for Policy Staff 1994
137 Gender Differentiate Of Changing Agricultural Policies in the North of Vietnam Bùi Thị Lan 1994
138 Gender and Poverty in Vietnam Monica S.-Fong 1994
139 The Gender Problem and Agriculture in the Situation of Renovation in Vietnam Lê Thị Nhâm Tuyết 1994
140 A Participatory Approach to Gender Responsive Policy Research : Reports on the Results of Research in 6 Communes and Summing-up Report on Implementation of the Project Lê Thi 1994
141 Reports on Gender Issues in Vietnam Lê Thi 1994
142 Report by Dr. Le Thi Quy Lê Thị Quý 1994
143 Gender issues Papers on Vietnam 1994
144 GCID Framework : A Tool for Assessing Institutionalization of Gender Concerns in Development Organizations Pietronella van den Oever 1994
145 Engendering Reproductive Practice in Peasant China : The Political Roots of the Rising Sex Ratios at Birth Susan Greenhalgh, Jiali Li 1993
146 Gender in Community Development and Resource Management: An Overview Rekha Mehra 1993
147 Sex and Gender Hierarchies Edited by Barbara Diane Miller 1993
148 Review of the Integration of Gender Concerns in the Work of the DAC : Theme 1 of the Assessment of WID Policies and Programs of DAC Members Ria Brouwers 1993
149 Gender as a Cross-cutting Theme in Development Assistance - An Evaluation of CIDA's WID Policy and Activities, 1984-1992 : Final Report 1993
150 Asia Women and Technological Carrers : Students at AIT: Gender Analysis By Catharine Warren, Unni Rost, Yunxian Wang 1992
151 Forms of Production and Women's Labour : Gender Aspects of Industrialisation in India and Mexico I.S.A. Baud 1992
152 The Political Economy of Gender: Women and the Sexual Division of Labour in the Philippines 1992
153 Gender and Development : Practical Guide: Based on a Study Prepared for the Directorate- General for Development Commission of the European Communities Edited by Ostergaard 1992
154 Sex and Gender in Society Stockard Jean; M.Johnson Miriam 1992
155 Gender Differences in Leadership Barbara B. Moran 1992
156 Country Gender Analysis - Vietnam Trần Thị Quế; Suki Allen 1992
157 Gender and Environment : Lessons from Social Forestry and Natural Resource Management: A Sourcebook Edited by Sarah T. Warren 1992
158 Gender Analysis in Development Planing: A Case Book 1991
159 Nonsexist Research Methods : Practical Guide Margrit Eichler 1991
160 Gender Sensitivity in Development Planing, Implementation and Evaluation: Report of APDC Sub-Regional Workshops, 1989 1991
161 Feminist Legal Theory: Readings in Law and Gender 1991
162 Working Women International Perspectives on Labour and Gender Ideology Edited by Nanneke Redclift and M. Thea Sinclair 1991
163 Gender and Development Workshop 1991
164 Gender Issues and the Current Process of Renovation and Development in Vietnam 1991
165 Gender Considerations in Economic Enterpreses: AGRA East Meeting. 20-23 Nov. 1990, Philippines 1991
166 Globalization and Its Discontents Saskia Sassen 1989
167 Sexual Visions : Images of Gender in Science and Medicine between the Eighteenth and Twentieth Centuries Ludmilla Jordanova 1989
168 Trainning in WID/Gender Analysis in Agricultural Development : A Review of Experiences and Lessons Learned: Prepared for the Women in Agricultural Production and Rural Development Service of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations Susan V. Poats and Sandra L. Russo 1989
169 Putting Humpty - Dumty back together again? Some Comments on Studies of Households, Gender and Work in Rural Africa : Presented at Workshop/Conference, May 27th-29th, 1988, East-West Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii Michael Watts 1988
170 Analyzing Gender : A Handbook of Social Science Research Editors: Beth B. Hess and Myra Marx Ferree 1987
171 Third World-Second Sex. Vol. 2 Compiled by Miranda Davies 1987
172 Geography of Gender in the Third World H. Momsen Janet and Townsend Janet 1987
173 Households Employment, and Gender : A Social, Economic, and Demographic View Paula England and George Farkas 1986
174 On the Treatment of the Sexes in Research Margrit Eichler and Lapointe Jeanne 1985
175 Gender in Science and Technology for Sustainable and Equitable Development 1985
176 Reflections on Gender and Science Evelyn Fox Keller 1985
177 Women, Men, and the International Division of Labor Edited by June Nash and Maria Patricia Fernandez-Kelly 1983
178 Editors: Beth B. Hess and Myra Marx Ferree . Analyzing Gender : A Handbook of Social Science Research . Sage Publications . Newbury Park . 1987 . 580 p. . Lv 364 .


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