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CALL FOR PAPERS: INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP Vietnamese Families in the Context of Industrialization, Modernization and Integration in Comparative Perspective Hanoi, 7-8 November 2013

Families play an essential role in individual development and performance of social functions and in maintaining and transferring cultural values from generation to generation. Having stable and strong families contribute significantly to the stability and development of the community and society. To build strong families is to invest in sustainable development. Vietnam’s Socio-Economic Development Strategy 2011-2020 emphasizes building happy and civil families as a strategic orientation in the coming decades.


Gender and Social Protection Dissemination Workshop

On May 4th 2012 in Hanoi, UN Women in partnership with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the Institute of Labour, Social Science and Affairs, the Australian Government (AusAID), and the Institute for Family and Gender Studies (IFGS) hosted a workshop as an opportunity for discussion and information sharing among government agencies, research institutes and development partners.


Workshop on Main Results of Research Program on Strengthening Vietnamese Families in the Period 2011-2020

Within the framework of the ministerial-leveled research program on Strengthening Vietnamese Families for the period 2011-2020 conducted by the Institute for Family and Gender Studies in 2011-2012, on 24-25 September 2012, in Ha Noi, the Institute for Family and Gender Studies held a workshop on the main results of the research program. Researchers of the IFGS and some scholars from other institutions were attended the workshop.


Workshop: Review of the Strategy for Gender and Community Development Network in Phase 2007-2011

Gender and Community Development Network (Gencomnet) is a voluntary network of non-governmental organizations, researchers, managers and practitioners who cooperate in the areas of activities for gender equality and equity, contributing to the development and implementation of gender equality policies of the State in Vietnam. Gencomnet is ending its strategy in the period 2007-2011 and preparing a strategy for a new phase. A review of the past activities and roles of Gencomnet is extremely important, particularly in the changing economic, political, social contexts which have exerted strong impacts on the operation of organizations in civil society networks.

On 13 October 2011, the workshop “Review of the Strategy of Gender and Community Development Network in the period 2007-2011” was held in Hanoi. The workshop aimed to summarize and evaluate the Gencomnet Strategy in the period 2007-2011 and identify areas of focus and orientations for development of a strategy in the period 2012-2015. The workshop attracted the participation of many individuals and organizations who were members of Gencomnet.


Seminar: Results from Qualitative Study on Social Impact of Rural Electrification in Hoa Binh Province

On 27 April 2011 in Hanoi, Institute for Family and Gender Studies (IFGS) organized the seminar introducing results from a Qualitative Survey on the Effect of Rural Electrification conducted in two communes of Kim Tien and Binh Thanh in Hoa Binh province. Participants included researchers from IFGS, Institute of Sociology (IOS), Institute of Energy, Department of Energy (Ministry of Industry and Commerce), Institute of Educational Science (Ministry of Education and Training), Institute of Health Strategy and Policy (Ministry of Health), Vietnam Farmers’ Union, Vietnam Women’s Union… and local officers of two surveyed communes.

Website of the Institute for Family and Gender Studies

At the address of, Institute for Family and Gender Studies has introduced its activities to readers domestically and internationally since March 2010. On this website, readers can find major information about Institute for Family and Gender Studies like functions, duties, organizational structure, history, developing direction and the latest news about scientific and set of subjects that the Institute has dealt with so far like subjects at national, ministrial levels and cooperated subjects, etc.

Seminar of Announcing Results from the Survey on Implementing Competence of the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention

On 17th December 2009, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) organized the Seminar: "Announcing results from the survey on implementing competence of the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention". The Seminar was aimed to announce the results from the survey on implementing competence of the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention of 15 central ministries/ branches, 5 provinces/ cities (Ha Noi, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, Binh Duong, Dong Nai) and some civil and non-government organizations.

Seminar of Announcing Findings from the Study on Socio-economic Effects of Migration

To share study findings and get comments from those managing and implementing the program, from experts and researchers, on 26 March 2010, Vietnam - Asia Pacific Economic Center (VAPEC) Hanoi organized a seminar to announce the findings from the study assessing "Social and economic effects of migration" within the frame of the project of studying and assessing socio-economic effects of migration. This is a special project in terms of research scale, intensity and focus. The unanimous studies conducted in seven nations in different continents like Columbia, Fiji, Georgia, Ghana, Jamaica, Macedonia and Vietnam, interviewed hundreds of thousands of people and collected detailed figures from nearly ten thousand households. The project assessed multi-sided developing effects of migration, especially focusing on the issue of policy, with collecting comments of policy-makers as one of the main objectives at different phases of the study project and contributing ideas in new and feasible policies.

Scientific seminar on “Vietnamese intellectual women “with industrialization and modernization of the country”

On 16th March 2010, at Hanoi Center for Women Development, Vietnam Women's Union coordinated with Hanoi National University to organize Scientific seminar on "Vietnamese intellectual women with industrialization and modernization of the country". Participants included HE. Truong Tan Sang, member of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee, permanent member of Secretariat of Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party; HE. Nguyen Thi Doan, member of Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Vice President of the country; HE. Nguyen Thi Binh, former Vice President; and 150 delegates representing ministries, central committees, branches and unions; female scientists and intellectual women.

Seminar Announcing Study Findings about: “Social and Economic Impacts of WTO Integration on Vietnamese Rural Women”

Vietnam's integration into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007 has increased both opportunities and challenges for women and the mission of gender equality. Trading liberalization policies have influenced men and women in different ways due to their different accessibilities and control of social and economic resources. Restructuring labour market after joining WTO may brings women more job opportunities, but it may make more of them become unemployed. Economic integration can either promote or limit activities of gender equality in family, community and working place.

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