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Scientific seminar on “Vietnamese intellectual women “with industrialization and modernization of the country” (Aug 16, 2011)

On 16th March 2010, at Hanoi Center for Women Development, Vietnam Women's Union coordinated with Hanoi National University to organize Scientific seminar on "Vietnamese intellectual women with industrialization and modernization of the country". Participants included HE. Truong Tan Sang, member of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee, permanent member of Secretariat of Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party; HE. Nguyen Thi Doan, member of Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Vice President of the country; HE. Nguyen Thi Binh, former Vice President; and 150 delegates representing ministries, central committees, branches and unions; female scientists and intellectual women.

Speaking at the Seminar, HE. Truong Tan Sang affirmed that since our Party was established, the Party has determined that women, including intellectual women, play an important role, is an essential force making contribution to victory of Vietnam Revolution. The Party has always paid attention to leading woman work and built intellectual team. The Party issued two important Resolutions including Resolution No 11-NQ/TW dated 27th April 2007 of the Political Bureau about women work in the period of promoting industrialization and modernization of the country and Resolution No 27-NQ/TW dated 6th August 2008 of the 7th Central Conference (the Congress X ) about building intellectual force in the period of promoting industrialization and modernization of the country. Issuance of these documents indicates that our Party has always appreciated the role and position of women and intellectual women, which creates premise for establishment of policies to develop intellectual team in general and intellectual women in particular in terms of both quality and quantity. HE. Truong Tan Sang also recommended the Seminar to focus on discussing some issues like the role of intellectual women in innovating, constructing and protecting our Socialist Republic of Vietnam; advantages, disadvantages, obstacles and solutions to build intellectual team; solutions to create good conditions, improve policies of using at an important function, treating and respecting intellectuals, especially intellectual women; improving leading quality of the Party regarding woman work and intellectuals.

Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan clearly stated that intellectual women were an important part of Vietnamese intellectuals. She also expected that the seminar would find out solutions to build intellectual women of Vietnam.

Former Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh said that the force of intellectual women of our country was still small, it was necessary to create more good conditions for women to study and do research, so that they could obtain success as men do in both scientific research and fields of life. Twenty six speeches at the Seminar focused on analyzing viewpoints and policies of the Party and Government on intellectual women; characteristics of Vietnamese intellectual women at present; role and responsibilities of intellectual women in scientific - technological activities, in leading, managing and dealing with social issues; solutions to develop Vietnamese intellectual women.

At the end of the Seminar, Mrs. Hoang Ai Nhien, Vice Chairwoman of Vietnam Women's Union concluded 9 solutions to develop Vietnamese intellectual women in the time of industrialization, modernization and international integration. They are: 1) Amend policies on guiding, promoting and treating female officers to ensure the principle of gender equality in line with specific features and conditions of Vietnam soon; 2) Consider and amend stipulation on retirement age for intellectual women; 3) Build strategy of developing intellectual women; 4) Build program at state level researching Vietnamese intellectual women; 5) Popularize the roles and contributions of and honor Vietnamese intellectual women; 6) Set up Vietnam Association of Intellectual Women; 7) Develop family service system and encourage men to share housework with women; 8) Strictly supervise implementation related to training, cultivating and promoting female officers and 9) Improve awareness, role and responsibility of intellectual women themselves.

Pham Thi Hue

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