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Seminar of Announcing Findings from the Study on Socio-economic Effects of Migration (Aug 16, 2011)

To share study findings and get comments from those managing and implementing the program, from experts and researchers, on 26 March 2010, Vietnam - Asia Pacific Economic Center (VAPEC) Hanoi organized a seminar to announce the findings from the study assessing "Social and economic effects of migration" within the frame of the project of studying and assessing socio-economic effects of migration. This is a special project in terms of research scale, intensity and focus. The unanimous studies conducted in seven nations in different continents like Columbia, Fiji, Georgia, Ghana, Jamaica, Macedonia and Vietnam, interviewed hundreds of thousands of people and collected detailed figures from nearly ten thousand households. The project assessed multi-sided developing effects of migration, especially focusing on the issue of policy, with collecting comments of policy-makers as one of the main objectives at different phases of the study project and contributing ideas in new and feasible policies.

In opening address at the Seminar, Associate Professor, Doctor Le Van Sang, Director of VAPEC Hanoi introduced general objective of the project, emphasized the importance of the project at present. In recent years, international migration of Vietnam has increased substantially and is drawing attention of policy-makers and researchers but there is still a lack of comprehensive qualitative information and data of international migration and its effect on development. In 2009, VAPEC Hanoi coordinated with the Center for Economics and Community Development and some researchers to implement the project assessing "Socio-economic effects of migration", with the support of Global Development Network (GDN). This study is the first one based on comprehensive and full data on international migration.

Research team implementing the project in Vietnam includes: Associate professor. Doctor. Dang Nguyen Anh from Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences; Doctor. Nguyen Ngoc Quynh, expert in economic issues and development in the Center for Economics and Community Development; Master. Tran Thi Bich, lecturer at Hanoi National Economic University and Master. Dao The Son, lecturer at University of Public Health.

In the report "Real situation and trend of migration at present", Associate Professor. Doctor Dang Nguyen Anh indicated that in Vietnam at present there are three main flows of migration with business purpose, migration due to marriage with foreigners and migration due to study abroad. Generally, Vietnamese migration shows high social and financial costs and high risk. Migrants lack of information, lack of coordination between departure and destination, and lack of policy support in steps of migration process. The report also indicates that migration is the consequence of development and a factor promoting development (reducing unemployment, increasing income for household).

Presentations of Doctor. Nguyen Ngoc Quynh, Doctor. Tran Thi Bich and Master. Dao The Son with analyses, measures of effects of international migration on socio-economic development in Vietnam at several levels of nation, household and individual show that international migration in Vietnam has positive economic effects like: effect on incomes of migrants and their families; effects on income distribution; effect on household living standards; effect on economic growth; effect on labor market; effect on education.

Specifically, international migration is affecting education in many different channels. Migration may affect education level of both migrants and the ones remaining stay through changes in study opportunities of migrants directly or through financial support, or effect on ability and motivation of investing in education of households. International migration can also affect the quality of domestic education through improvement of teaching standards or through brain-drain or brain-gain. In addition, international migration also has certain effects on health and increases educational opportunities for women.

In general, the Seminar "Socio-economic effects of migration" is an important scientific activity to study the role of international migration in the development of labor-export countries including Vietnam. Study findings will contribute policy recommendations to assess socio-economic effects of migration in international integration of Vietnam objectively.

Thanh Nhan

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