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Books on Women at Library of IFGS

TT Tên tài liệu Tác giả Năm xuất bản
1 Gender, Culture and Society: Contemporary Femininities and Masculinities Mairtin Mac an Ghaill; Chris Haywood 2007
2 Outstanding Vietnamese Women Before the 20th Century 2006
3 Gender in the Information Society: Emerging Issues Anita Gurumurthy, Jeet Parminder, Anu Mundkur, Mridula Swaymy 2006
4 Intimate Violence against Women: When Spouses, Partners, or Lovers Attack Paula K Lundberg - Love, Shelly L. Marmion 2006
5 Gendered Work in Asian Cities: The New Economy and Changing Labour Markets Ann Brooks 2006
6 The Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism Leslie L. Heywood: Biên tập 2006
7 The Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism Leslie L. Heywood: Biên tập 2006
8 Surviving Domestic Violence: Gender, Poverty and Agency Paula Wilcox 2006
9 Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence Sandra M. Stith: Chủ biên 2006
10 Trafficking and Women's Rights Christien L. van den Ander; Jeroen Doomernik: Biên tập 2006
11 Enterprising Women in Transition Economies Friederike Welter; David Smallbone; Nina Isakova: Chủ biên 2006
12 Women's History Panels 2005
13 Women's Experiences and Feminist: Practices in South Korea Pilwha Chang, Kim Eun-shil 2005
14 Beyond Identity Politics: Feminism, Power and Politics Moya Lloyd 2005
15 Single Women in Việt Nam Lê Thi 2005
16 Images of the Vietnamese Woman in the 21 st Century Lê Thị Nhâm Tuyết: Chủ biên 2005
17 Feminist Interventions in Ethics and Politics: Feminist Ethics and Social Thiory Barbara S. Andrew; Lisa H. Schwartzman; Jean Keller 2005
18 Women Who Perpetrate Relationship Violence: Moving Beyond Political Correctness Frederick P. Buttell; Michelle Mohr Carney: Chủ biên 2005
19 Fminist Theory: A Philosophicao Anthology Ann E. Cudd; Robin O. Andreasen 2005
20 The Gender Question in Globalization: Changing Perspectives and Practices Tine Davids: Chủ biên; Francien Vandriel: Biên tập 2005
21 The Gender Question in Globalization: Changing Perspectives and Practices Tine Davids: Chủ biên; Francien Vandriel: Biên tập 2005
22 Gender and Rights Deborah L. Rhode; Carol Sanger: Chủ biên 2005
23 Gender and Planning: A Reader Susan S. Fainstein; Lisa J. Servon 2005
24 Stepping Out of Line: Becoming and Being Feminist Cheryl Hercus 2005
25 Embodying Gender Alexandra Howson 2005
26 Feminist Theory: A Reader Wendy K. Kolmar; Frances Bartkowski 2005
27 Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis: Gender, Power and Ideology in Discourse Michelle M. Lazar: Biên tập 2005
28 Gender and Development: The Japanese Experience in Comparative Perspective Mayumi Murayama: Chủ biên 2005
29 Women and Work Rosalinda Pineda-Ofreneo 2005
30 Inclusive Feminism: A Third Wave Theory of Women's Commonality Naomi Zack 2005
31 Gender Claire Colebrook 2004
32 Chinese Women: Living and Working Anne E. McLaren: Biên tập 2004
33 Women's Suffrage in Asia: Gender, Nationalism and Democracy Louise Edwards, Mina Roces: Chủ biên 2004
34 Feminist Perspectives on Social Research Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber, Michelle L. Yaiser 2004
35 China, Sex and Prostitution Elaine Jeffreys 2004
36 Women Workers in Industrilising Asia: Costed, Not Valued Amarjit Kaur: Chủ biên 2004
37 Labour Migrations: Women on the Move Eleonore Kofman, Helen Crowley, Niermal Puwar, Parvati Raghuram 2004
38 Post-communism: Women's Lives in Transition Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic 2004
39 Women's Studies in Thailand: Power, Knowledge and Justice Suwanna Satha-anand 2004
40 Gender Practices in Contemporary Vietnam Lisa Drummond; Helle Rydstrom: Biên tập 2004
41 Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health: Equity, Acess and Quality in Family Practice Noel L. Espallardo: Biên tập 2004
42 Family Life and Family Support: Femilist Analysis Brid Featherstone 2004
43 On the Move: Women and Rural - to - Urban Migration in Contemporary China Arianne M. Gaetano; Tamara Jacka: Chủ biên 2004
44 Sentenced to Everyday Life: Feminism and thi Housewife Lesley Johnson; Justine Lloyd 2004
45 Gender, Development, and Trade Maree Keating: Chủ biên 2004
46 Sexing: The Caribbean: Gender, Race, and Sexual Labor Kamala Kempadoo 2004
47 The Politics of Prostitution: Women's Movements, Democratic State and the Globalisation of Sex Commerce Joyce Outshoorn 2004
48 Home Truths: Gender, Domestic Objects and Everyday Life Sarah Pink 2004
49 Feminist Communication Theory: Selections in Context Lana F. Rakow; Laura A. Wackwitz : Chủ biên 2004
50 Sociological Theory George Ritzer; Douglas J. Goodman 2004
51 Feminism with Men: Bridging the Gender Gap Steven P. Schacht; Doris W. Ewing 2004
52 Abortion, Sin and the State in Thailand Andrea Whittaker 2004
53 Beyond French Feminisms: Debates on Women, Politics, and Culture France, 1981-2001 Roger Celestin, Eliane Dalmolin, Isabelle De Courtivron 2003
54 Feminist Social and Political Theory: Contemporary Debates and Dialogues Janice McLaughlin 2003
55 Women's Movements Facing the Reconfigured State Lee Ann Banaszak; Karen Beckwith; Diete Rucht: Chủ biên 2003
56 Women's Minds, Women's Bodies: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Women's Health Gwyneth Broswell, Fiona Poland 2003
57 Gender Studies: Term and Debates Anne Cranny Francis; Wendy Waring; Pam Stavropoulos 2003
58 Gender and the Welfare State: Care, Work and Welfare in Europe and the USA Mary Daly; Katherine Rake 2003
59 Feminist Sociology Sara Delamont 2003
60 Gender, Race, and Class in Media: Text-Reader Gail Dines; Jean M. Humez: Chủ biên 2003
61 Prostitution, Trafficking, and Traumatic Stress Melissa Farley: Chủ biên 2003
62 Gender Policies in Japan and the United States: Comparing Women's Movements, Rights and Politics Joyce Gelb 2003
63 Sport and Women: Social Issues in International Perspectives Ilse Hartmann-Tews; Gertrud Pfister: Chủ biên 2003
64 Gender Ralations in Forest Societies in Asia: Patriarchy ar Odds Govind Kelkar; Dev Nathan; Pierre Walter 2003
65 Out to Work: History of Wage-Earning Women in the United States Alice Kessler-Harris 2003
66 Violence Against Women in Asian Societies Lenore Manderson; Linda Rae Bennett: Chủ biên 2003
67 Class, Gender and the Family Business Kate Mulholland 2003
68 Between Sacrifice and Desire: National Identity and the Governing of Femininity in Vietnam Ashley Pettus 2003
69 Rflection of Women's Voice and National Gender Objectives in the National Budget of Banladesh Pratima Pratima Paul-Majumder 2003
70 Sociology of Gender: Challence of Feminist Sociological Knowledge Sharmila Rege; Karuna Chanana 2003
71 Women and Girls in the Social Environment: Behavioral Perspectives Nancy J. Smyth: Biên tập 2003
72 Proceeding of the 9th National Congress of the Vietnamese Women Vietnam Women's Union 2002
73 Women in Non-Traditional Occupations: Challenging Men Barbara Bagilhole 2002
74 Men Who Believe in Feminism Amanda Goldrick-Jones 2002
75 Gender: A Sociological Reader Stevi Jackson, Scott Sue: Chủ biên 2002
76 Culture and Identity Warren Kidd 2002
77 Images of the Vietnamese Women in the Millennium Lê Thị Nhâm Tuyết: Chủ biên 2002
78 Disciplining Feminism: From Social Activism to Academic Discourse Ellen Messer - Davidow 2002
79 Engendering the Global Agenda: The Story of Women and the United Nations Hilkka Pietila 2002
80 Feminist Methodology: Challenges and Choices Caroline Ramazanoglu, Janet Holland 2002
81 Labour Relation in the Global Fast-Food Industry Tony Royle, Brian Towers: Chủ biên 2002
82 Writing Women's History since the Renaissance Mary Spongberg 2002
83 Feminist Social and Political Theory: Contemporary Debates and Dialogues 2002
84 Reproducing Gender?: Essay on Educational Theory and Feminst Politics Madeleine Arnot 2002
85 Reproductive Health Services in India: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Studies: 1990-2000 Sunita Bandewar; Shelley Saha 2002
86 The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs: People, Processes, and Global Trends Jeanne Halladay Coughlin; Andrew R. Thomas 2002
87 No Turning Back: History of Feminism and the Future of Women Freedman, Estelle B. 2002
88 Women's Morbidity in India: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Studies: 1990-2000 Meena Gopal 2002
89 Gender, Migration and the Dual Career Household Irene Hardill 2002
90 Key Concepts in Feminist Theory and Research Christina Hughes 2002
91 Women's Contemporary Lives: Within and Beyond the Mirror Christina Hughes 2002
92 Women and the Colonial Gaze Tamara L. Hunt; Micheline R. Lessard: Chủ biên 2002
93 Gender: A Sociological Reader Stevi Jackson, Scott Sue: Chủ biên 2002
94 Studies on Women's Morbidity in India: A Critical Review of Selected Studies: 1990-2000 Lakshmi Lingam; Meena Lingam 2002
95 Women and Men at Work Irene Padavic; Barbara Reskin 2002
96 Women War Peace: The Independent Experts' Assessment on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Women and Women's Role in Peace-building Elisabeth Rehn; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 2002
97 Women in transition: Between socialism and capptalism Ingrid Sandole -Staroste 2002
98 Gender and Sport: A Reader Sheila Scraton; Anne Flintoff: Chủ biên 2002
99 Writing Women's History since the Renaissance Mary Spongberg 2002
100 Ordinary Violence: Everyday Assaults against Women Mary White Stewart 2002
101 Transnational Prostitution: Changing Patterns in a Global Context Susane Thorbekl; Bandana Tattanaik: Chủ biên 2002
102 Abortion in India: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Studies: 1990-2000 Deeksha Vasundhra; Geetanjali Misra; Rima Shah 2002
103 Gender Politics in the Asia-Pacific Region Brenda S.A. Yeoh; Peggy Teo; Shirlena Huang: Chủ biên 2002
104 Thinhkinh Through the Skin Sara Ahmed, Jackie Stacey: Chủ biên 2001
105 Female Labour Migration in South-East Asia: Change and Continuity Supang Chantavanich : Chủ biên, Christina Wille, Kannika Angsuthanasomba, Maruja MB Asia, Allan Beesey, Sukamdi, Christina Wille, Basia Passl: Biên tập 2001
106 In Our Own Words: Writings from Women's Lives Mary Crawford, Rhoda Unger 2001
107 World of Knowing: Global Feminist Epistemlogies Jane Duran 2001
108 The Routledge Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism Sarah Gamble: Chủ biên 2001
109 Women, Work and Pensions Jay Ginn, Debra Street, Sara Arber 2001
110 Female Labour Migration: Rural - Urban Ha Thi Phuong Tien; Ha Quang Ngoc 2001
111 Gender, Power and Organization: An Introduction Susan Halford, Pauline Leonard 2001
112 Britain's Married Women Workers Viola Klein 2001
113 Employment and Life of Vietnamese Women During Economic Transition Le Thi 2001
114 The Gender and Science Reader Muriel Lederman, Ingrid Bartsch: Chủ biên 2001
115 Nation and Family: The Swedish Experiment in Democratic Family and Population Policy Alva Myrdal 2001
116 Women's Two Roles: Home and Work Alva Myrdal, Viola Klein 2001
117 Women's Two Roles: Home and Work Alva Myrdal, Viola Klein 2001
118 Feminist Frontiers Laurel Richardson, Verta Taylor, Nancy Whittier 2001
119 Handbook of Social Theory George Ritzer, Barry Smart: Biên tập 2001
120 Reflections on Anger: Women and Men in a Changing Society 2001
121 Women, Gender, Religion: A Reader Elizabeth Castelli: Chủ biên 2001
122 Controversy and Coalition: The New Feminist Movement Across Three Decades of Change Myra Marx Ferree; Beth B. Hess 2001
123 The Routledge Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism Sarah Gamble: Chủ biên 2001
124 Virtual Gender: Technology, Consumption and Identity Eileen Green; Alison Adam: Chủ biên 2001
125 Action Against Sexual Harassment at Work in Asia and the Pacific Nelien Haspels; Zaitun Mohamed Kasim; Constance Thomas 2001
126 Women, Work and Family: Balancing and Weaving Angela Hattery 2001
127 Family and Society in American History Joseph M. Hawes; Elizabeth I. Nybakken 2001
128 Women and Welfare: Theory and Practice in the United States and Europe Nancy J. Hirschmann; Ulrike Liebert: Biên tập 2001
129 French society: 1589-1715 Sharon Kettering 2001
130 Feminist Science Studies Maralee Mayberry; Banu Subramaniam; Lisa H. Wease: Biên tập 2001
131 Complex Inequality: Gender, Class, and Race in the New Economy Leslie McCall 2001
132 Subjection of Women John Stuart Mill; Edward Alexander 2001
133 The Psychology of Female Violence: Crimes against the Body Anna Motz 2001
134 Women, Gender and Labour Migration: Historical and Global Perspectives Pamela Sharpe: Chủ biên 2001
135 Radical Feminism Today Denise Thompson 2001
136 Feminist Engagements: Reading, Resisting and Revisioning Male Theorists in Education and Cultural Studies Kathleen Weiler 2001
137 Women, Science, and Technology: A Reader in Feminist Science Studies Mary Wyer; Mary Barbercheck; Donna Geisman;Marta Wayne: Chủ biên Wayne 2001
138 Vietnam Children and Women: A Situation Analysis 2000 2001
139 Women and Đổi mới in Vietnam Tran Van Anh; Le Ngoc Hung 2000
140 Prevention of Traffiking in Women in Viet Nam Le Thi Quy: Biên tập 2000
141 Situations Analysis and Policy Recoomendations to Promote the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality in Vietnam UNDP; CIDA; W.B.; Ford Foundation 2000
142 Transformation: Thinking Through Feminism Sara Ahmed, Jane Kilby, Celia Lury,Maureen McNeil, Beverley Skeggs: Biên tập 2000
143 Transformations: Thinking Through Feminism Sara Ahmed, Jane Kilby, Celia Lury,Maureen McNeil, Beverley Skeggs: Biên tập 2000
144 Women Ageing: Changing Identities, Challenging Myths Miriam Bernard, Judith Phillips, Linda Machin, Val Harding Davies: Chủ biên 2000
145 Feminism and Autobiography: Text, Theories, Methods Tess Cosslett, Celia Lury, Pennny Summerfield : Chủ biên 2000
146 Women and Gender: A Feminist Psychology Mary Crawford, Rhoda Unger 2000
147 Reconstructing Gender: A Multicultural Anthology Estelle Disch 2000
148 Representation of Gender from Prehistory to the Present Moira Donald, Linda Hurcombe : Chủ biên 2000
149 Women and Scientific Employment Judith Glover 2000
150 Profit and Pleasure: Sexual Identities in Late Capitalism Rosemary Hennessy 2000
151 Configuring Gender: Explorations in Theory and Politics Barbara L.Marshall 2000
152 Substance Use among Women: A Reference and Resource Guide Ann Marie Pagliaro, Louis A Pagliaro 2000
153 A Woman's Way: The Forgotten History of Women Spiritual Directors Patricia Ranft 2000
154 The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, and Sexual Orientation: A Text/Reader Karen E. Rosenblum, Toni-Michelle Travis 2000
155 Feminism and the Family: Politics and Society in the UK and USA Jennifer Somerville 2000
156 Women and Doi Moi in Vietnam Tran Thi Van Anh; Le Ngoc Hung 2000
157 Women Migrant Workers in China's Economic Reform Feng Xu 2000
158 Marketing and Feminism: Current Issues and Research Miriam Catterall; Pauline Maclaran; Lorna Stevens: Chủ biên 2000
159 Daughters: Discrimination and Development in Asia Elisabeth Croll 2000
160 Home Truths about Domestic Violence: Feminist Influence on Policy and Practice: A Reader Jalna Hanmer, Catherine Itzin, Sheila Quaid, Debra Wigglesworth: Chủ biên 2000
161 Gender and Citizenship in Transition Barbara Hobson: Chủ biên 2000
162 Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics Bell Hooks 2000
163 Mothering the Self: Mothers, Daughters, Subjects Steph Lawler 2000
164 Feminism and Youth Culture Angela McRobbie, 2000
165 Gender, Violence and the Social Order Jayne Mooney 2000
166 Knowledge, Gender, and Schooling: The Feminist Educational Thought of Jane Roland Martin D.G. Mulcahy 2000
167 French, Feminism Reader Kelly Oliver: Chủ biên 2000
168 Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Sex and Gender Elizabeth L. Paul: Chủ biên 2000
169 International Perspectives on Gender and Democratisations Shirin M. Rai: Chủ biên 2000
170 Gender Space Architecture Rendell Jane; Barbara Penner; Iain Borden: Chủ biên 2000
171 Women, Class and Education Jane Thompson 2000
172 Feminist Theory and Cultural Studies: Stories of Unsettled Relations Sue Thornham 2000
173 Sharing Responsibilit: Women Society and Abortion World Wide 1999
174 Taking up the Cairo Challenge: Country Studies in Asia-Pacific 1999
175 Women's Information Services and Networks: Golbal Source Book:Gender, Society Development 1999
176 Gender and Power in the Workplace: Analysing the Impact of Economic Change Harriet Bradley 1999
177 Feminist Debates: Issues of Theory and Political Practice Valerie Bryson 1999
178 The Impossibility of Motherhood: Feminism, Individualism, and the Problem of Mothering Patrice Diquinzio 1999
179 Gender: Key Concepts in Critical Theory Carol C.Gould.: Chủ biên 1999
180 Women, Work and Inequality: The Challenge of Equal Pay in a Deregulated Labour Market Jeanne Gregory, Rosemary Sales, Ariane Hygewisch: Chủ biên 1999
181 Localized Poverty Reduction in Vietnam: Improving the Enabling Environment for Rural Livelihood Enhancement Geoffrey B Hainsworth.: Chủ biên 1999
182 Feminist Approaches to Theory and Methodology: An Interdisciplinary Reade Sharlene Hesse-biber, , Christina Gilmartin, Robin Lydenberg : Biên tập 1999
183 Changing Family Values Gill Jagger, Caroline Wright: Biên tập 1999
184 Ethical Delimmas in Feminist Research: The Politics of Location, Interpretation and Publication Gesa E Kirsch 1999
185 Improving Quality of Care in Indea's Family Welfare Programme: The Challenge Ahead Michael Koenig, M.E.Khan: Chủ biên 1999
186 Geographies of New Feministies Nina Laurie, , Sarah L. Holloway , Claire Dwyer, Fiona M. Smith 1999
187 Some Studies on Reproductive Health in Vietnam Post-Cairo Le Thi Nham Tuyet; Hoang Ba Thinh 1999
188 Reproductive Culture in Vietnam Lê Thị Nhâm Tuyết: Chủ biên; Vương Xuân Tình: Chủ biên 1999
189 Women's Studies 90/00: Annual Edition Patricia Ojea, Barbara Quigley: Chủ biên 1999
190 Introduction feminism Sophia Phoca 1999
191 Women in Asia Barbara N.Ramusack, Sharon Sievers 1999
192 The Second National Report on the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women The Socialist Republic of Vietnam 1999
193 Women's Rights to House and Land: China, Laos, Vietnam Irene Tinker, Gale Summerfield : Chủ biên 1999
194 New Agendas for Women Sylvia Walby: Chủ biên 1999
195 Introducting Feminism Alice Susan Watkin, Marisa Rueda 1999
196 Women of China: Economic and Social Transformation Jackie West, Minhgua Zhao, Chang Xiangqun, Cheng : Chủ biên 1999
197 Making Do: Women, Family, and Home in Montreal Denyse Baillargeon; Yvonne Klein: Dịch 1999
198 What is Feminism?: introduction to Feminist Theory Chris Beasley 1999
199 Women's Organizing and Public Polycy in Canada and Sweden Linda Briskin; Mona Eliasson: Chủ biên 1999
200 Too Scared to Learn: Women, Violence and Education Jenny Horsman 1999
201 Postabortion Care: Lessions from Operations Research Dale Huntington; Nancy I Piet-Pelon: Chủ biên 1999
202 Gender and Migration Gregory A. Kelson; Debra L. Delaet: Chủ biên 1999
203 The Abortion Debate in the World Arena Andrzej Kulczycki 1999
204 Steam Laundries: Gender, Technology, and Work in the United States and Great Britain, 1880-1940 Arwen P. Mohun, 1999
205 Global Gender Issues V. Spike Peterson; Anne Sisson Runyan 1999
206 Women and Farming: Property and Power Sally Shortall; Jo Campling 1999
207 Women and Political Change: Perspectives from East-central Europe Sue Bridger: Chủ biên 1999
208 Female Labour Force in Industry in Vietnam in Period of Renovation 1998
209 The Art of Balance: Vietnam Today Judith Biddington 1998
210 An Introduction to Sociology Ken Browne 1998
211 The Sex Sector: The Economic and Social Bases of Prostitution in Southeast Asia Lim Lin Lean: Chủ biên 1998
212 Augusta Tabor: A Pioneering Woman Betty Moynihan 1998
213 On work: Historical, Comparative and Theorical Approaches R.E Pahl 1998
214 Contemporary Feminist Theory: A Text Reader Mary F.Rogers 1998
215 Gender Autonomy in Western Europe: An Imprecise Revolution Rina Singh 1998
216 Asia Pacific Post-Beijing Implementation Monitor 1998
217 Women and Health Services: An Agenda for Change Lesley Doyal 1998
218 Simone de Beauvoir: A Critical Reader Elizabeth Fallaize: Chủ biên 1998
219 Gender Law: Eastern Africa Speaks: Conference Organized by The World Bank The Economic Commission for Africa Gita Gopal; Maryam Salim 1998
220 Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Family Violence Renate C.A. Klein: Chủ biên 1998
221 Social Transformation and the Family in Post-communist Germany Eva Kolinsky: Chủ biên 1998
222 The Uncharted Passage: Girls' Adolescence in the Developing Barbara Mensch;Judith Bruce; Margaret Greene 1998
223 Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Introduction Rosemarie Putnam Tong 1998
224 Even the Women must Fight: Memories of War from North Vietnam Karen Gottschang Turner; Phan Thanh Hao 1998
225 Women's Political Voice in Asean: Sharing a Vision Kao Kim Hourn, Norbert Von Hofmann: Chủ biên 1998
226 Women and Social Policy: A Reader Clare Ungerson, Mary Kember: Chủ biên 1997
227 The Women, Gender and Development Reader Nalini Visvanathan, Lynn Duggan, Laurie Nisonoff : Biên tập 1997
228 VII th National Congress of Vietnamese Women Documents 1997
229 VIII th National Congress of Vietnamese Women Documents 1997
230 An Introduction to Sociology Feminist Perspectives Pamela Abbott, Claire Wallace 1997
231 Feminist Genealogies, Colonial Legacies, Democratic Futures M. Jacqui Alexander, Chadra Talpade Mohanty: Chủ biên 1997
232 Impact of Macroeconomic Reform on Women in Vietnam Melanie Beresford 1997
233 Community: Based Programs for Adolescent Sexual Health and Domestic Violence againts Women Pimpawun Boonmongkon: Biên tập, Anjana Suvarnananda: Biên tập 1997
234 Working for Women ? Gendered Work and Welfare Policies in Twentieth-Century Britain Celia Briar 1997
235 Women and Families: Evolution of the Status of Women as a Factor and Consequence of Changes in Family Dynamics Maria Eugenia Cosio-zavala, Eric Vilquin: Chủ biên 1997
236 Pacific Encounters: Production of Self and Other Eve-Marie Kroller, Allan Smith, Joshuav Moston, Robert Kramer: Chủ biên 1997
237 Ten Years of Progress:Vietnamese Women: from 1985 to 1995 Lê Thi, Đỗ Thị Bình: Chủ biên, Nguyễn Vũ Quang: Dịch 1997
238 Feminism and Families Hilde Lindemam Nelson 1997
239 The State of Women in the World Atlas: New Rivised Second Edition Joni Seager 1997
240 National Plan of Action: For the Advancement of Women in Vietnam By the Year 2000 Socialist Republic of Viet Nam 1997
241 Feminist Thought: A Comprehensive Introduction Rosemarie Tong 1997
242 Women and Doi Moi in Vietnam Trần Thị Vân Anh, Lê Ngọc HùngNguyễn Thị Hiền: Dịch 1997
243 Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender, and Culture Wood Julia T. 1997
244 Living Feminism: The Impact of the Women's Movement on three Genetations of Australian Women Chillia Bulbeck 1997
245 Citizenship: Feminist Perspectives Ruth Lister; Jo Campling: Cố vấn chủ biên 1997
246 Social Policy: A New Feminist Analysis Gillian Pascall 1997
247 Who Milks the Cow?: Gender and Development in Livestock Farming Marlene Richter 1997
248 Introducing Women's Studies: Feminist Theory and Practice Victoria Robinson; Diane Richardson: Chủ biên 1997
249 Women and Social Policy: A Reader Clare Ungerson, Mary Kember: Chủ biên 1997
250 An Overview of Women's Health 1996
251 Dimitra Guidebook: Rural Women and Development: A Directory of European NGOs Research Institutes and Information Centres 1996
252 The United Nations and The Advancement of Women 1945-1996 Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Secretary-General 1996
253 Women, Men and Economics: The Gender-differentiated Impact of Macroeconomics: with Special Reference to Asia and the Pacific Lorraine Corner 1996
254 Women and Work: A Hanbook Paula Dubeck: Chủ biên, Kathryn Borman: Chủ biên 1996
255 Women in the World: 1975-1985: The Women's Decade: Studies in Comparative Politics Lynne B Iglitzin: Biên tập, Ruth Ross : Biên tập 1996
256 Practical Actions for the Social Protection of Homeworkers in Thailand Lusita Lazo: Chủ biên 1996
257 Practical Actions for the Social Protection of Homeworkers in the Philipines Lusita Lazo: Chủ biên 1996
258 Financial Security for Women in a Developing World: Reader Joanne Heyink Leestemaker: Biên soạn 1996
259 Feminism and History Joan Wallach Scott: Chủ biên 1996
260 Good Enough Methering?: Feminist Perspectives on Lone Motherhood Elizabeth Bortolaia Silva: Chủ biên 1996
261 Vietnam's Women in Transition Kathleen Barry: Chủ biên 1996
262 Vietnam's Women in Transition Kathleen Barry: Chủ biên 1996
263 Teaching Women to Boss Men Anne Digby; John Stewart: Chủ biên 1996
264 Women in Politics: Outsiders or Insiders?: A Collection Lois Lovelace Duke: Chủ biên 1996
265 Women in Organizations: Challenging Gender Polities Su Ledwith; Fiona Colgan: Chủ biên 1996
266 Gender Relations in Public and Private: New Research Perspectives Lydia Morris; E.Stina Lyon: Chủ biên 1996
267 Social Deviance: Readings in Theory and Research Henry N. Pontell: Chủ biên 1996
268 Post-Beijing Luciana Ricciutell: Chủ biên 1996
269 Silk and Steel: Asian Women Workers Confront Challenges of Industrial Restructuring: Research Papers and Consultation Recommendations on the Impact of Industrial Restructuring an Women Workers in Asia 1995
270 The World's Women 1995: Trends and Statistics 1995
271 Women and Empowerment: Participation and Decision Making Marilee Karl : Biên tập 1995
272 Women Writting Culture Ruth Behar: Chủ biên, Deborah A . Gordon.: Chủ biên 1995
273 Feminist Pratice in the 21st Century Bergh Nan Van Den: Chủ biên 1995
274 Keepers of the Culture: The Power of Tradition in Women's Lives Janet Mancini Billson 1995
275 Feminizing the Union: Challenging the Culture of Masculinity Sheila Cunnison, Jane Stageman 1995
276 What Makes Momem Sick: Gender and the Political Economic of Heath Lesley Doyal 1995
277 English - Chinese Lexicon of Women and Law Shron K.Hom, Xin Chunying 1995
278 "Male" and "Female" in Developing Southeast Asia Wazir Jahan Karim: Chủ biên 1995
279 Women's America: Refocusing the Past Linda K. Kerber: Chủ biên, Jane Sherron De Hart : Chủ biên 1995
280 Feminist Issues: Race, Class, and Sexuality Nancy Mandell: Chủ biên 1995
281 Gender, Crime and Feminism Ngaire Naffine: Chủ biên 1995
282 Shadows Behind the Screen Maggie Paterson: Chủ biên 1995
283 Special Study on Laws: Relating to Prostitution and Traffic in Women Kobkul Rayanakorn: Chủ biên 1995
284 Uncertain Times: Hong Kong Women Facing 1997 Susan Romaniuk, Denise Tong Kawing: Chủ biên 1995
285 Arguing with the Crocodile: Gender and Class in Bangladesh Sarah C. White 1995
286 Investing in People: The World Bank in Action 1995
287 Toward Gender Equality: The Role of Public Policy Nhà xuất bản: The World Bank 1995
288 The Challenge of Local Feminism: Women's Movement in Global Perspective Amrita Basu, C. Elizabeth McGrory: Chủ biên 1995
289 Justice and Care: Essential Readings in Feminist Ethics Virginia Held: Chủ biên 1995
290 A commitment to the world's women: Perspectives on Development for Beijing and Beyond Noeleen Heyzer, Sushma Kapoor, Joanne Sandler: Chủ biên 1995
291 A Commitment to the World's Women: Perspectives on Development for Beijing and Beyond Noeleen Heyzer, Sushma Kapoor, Joanne Sandler: Chủ biên 1995
292 Reversed Realities: Gender Hierarchies in Development Thought Naila Kabeer 1995
293 U.S History as Women's History: New Feminist Essays Linda K. Kerber, Alice Kessler-Harris, Kathryn Kish Sklar: Chủ biên 1995
294 Refugee Women Susan Forbes Martin 1995
295 Women, Politics and American Society Nancy E. McGlen, Karen O'Connor 1995
296 Vietnam in a Changing World Irene Norlund, L.Carolyn Gates, Vũ Cao Đàm: Chủ biên 1995
297 Maternal Thinking: with a New Preface: Toward a Politics of Peace Sara Ruddick 1995
298 Sociology of the Global System Leslie Sklair 1995
299 Sisters in the Resistance: How Women Fought to Free France, 1940-1945 Margaret Collins Weitz 1995
300 Women Speak out: Health Issues in Southeast Asia E. Pamela Wright; Nguyễn Kim Cúc; Lê Thị Thu Hà 1995
301 Putting Gender Issues on the Policy Agenda: Strategies and Action from Asia and the Pacific: Workshop Proceedings Asia Pacific Women in Politics Network; Gender and Development Research Institute 1994
302 Women at Work in Asia and the Pacific: Agenda and Strategies for the 1990s 1994
303 Women's Studies, Women's Lives: Theory and Practice in South and Southeast Asia Commettee on Women's Studies in Asia 1994
304 Against all Odds: Essays on Women, Religion and Development Kamla Bhasin: Chủ biên, Ritu Menon : Chủ biên, Nighat Said Khan : Chủ biên 1994
305 Women, the Environment and Sustainable Development: Towards a Theoretical Synthesis Rosi Braidotti, Ewa Charkiewicz, Sabine Hausler, Saskia Wieringa 1994
306 Human Rights of Women: National and International Perspectives Rebecca J. Cook: Chủ biên 1994
307 Population and Reproductive Rights: Feminist Perspectives from Sonia Correa 1994
308 Women and Violence Miranda Davies: Chủ biên 1994
309 Engendering China: Women, Culture and the State Christina K Gilmartin: Chủ biên, Gail Hershatter Chủ biên, Lisa Rofel: Chủ biên, Tyrene White: Chủ biên 1994
310 Engendering China: Women, Culture and the State Christina K. Gilmartin, Gail Hesshatter; Lisa Rofel, Tyrene White 1994
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641 The Natural Superiority of Women Ashley Montagn 1968
642 The Natural Superiority of Women 1968


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